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Did Hugo Boss do work for the Nazis?

Injustice Facts tweet: Hugo Boss himself joined the Nazi party, and got a contract to make the Hitler Youth, storm trooper and SS uniforms. Verdict: True  By Shamma Saeed Zayed University Communications Student The clothing firm Hugo Boss, named after its founder Hugo Ferdinaned Boss, is a well-known clothing manufacturer famous for a classical men’s suits […]

Does Coca-Cola contain cocaine

Tweet: Coco-Cola contained Coca (cocaine) from 1885 to 1903, today the company uses a ‘secret’ ingredient to keep it product addictive. Verdict: Partly true By Fatima Al Mulla Zayed University Communication Student Injustice Facts posted the following tweet on Feb. 23, 2012. The statement can be divided into three parts. The first part mentions that […]