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How many people die each minute from starvation?

Tweet: Every minute 18 people die of starvation in the world Verdict: Mostly True By Asmaa Al-Hameli Zayed University journalism student Injustice Facts has published this tweet regarding hunger starvation rates in the world at least three times. We found different statistics from different world-hunger organizations. David Bull, chief executive officer of UNICEF in the UK, […]

Does Rupert Murdoch support a ‘sadistic corporate agenda’?

Tweet: Rupert Murdoch owns 322 media outlets, all of them speaking out in support of the sadistic corporate agenda and the global war machine. Verdict: Partly True By Ayesha Almazroui Zayed University journalism student This statement, tweeted on Jan. 2, can be divided into three parts. First, Rupert Murdoch owns 322 media outlets. Second, all […]

What is the rate of spouse abuse in South Korea?

Tweet: In South Korea 2/3 wives are physically abused by their husbands. Verdict: Mostly False By Shamma Eid Zayed University journalism student This tweet was relatively easy to fact-check. A 2009 report from the UN Refugee Agency states that approximately 30 percent of all married women in South Korea have experienced physical abuse. While that represents a large number, […]

Did the U.S. waste $7B on cancelled helicopter program?

Tweet: In 2004, the US Government wasted $7 Billion dollars on a new army helicopter program that was cancelled in the same year Verdict: Partly True By Dhabya Al Mehairi Zayed University journalism student This tweet appears to be grounded in reality. A 2004 article from Aviation Week, a trade publication for the airplane business, appears […]

How much does U.S. military spend on advertising?

Tweet: The US military spends $18 billion a year on advertisements (propaganda). Verdict: Mostly False By Leteefa Al Darei Zayed University Journalism Student While the U.S. government does spend a lot of money on military recruitment advertising, it falls far short of the figure cited in this tweet. According to the most recent information, the United […]